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Time to Stop Whispering About Women’s Health

MenopauseIn the past, conversations about gynaecology, childbirth, the menopause, or other problems ‘down there’ – often called “women’s troubles” – would be in hushed tones.

As I trained as a doctor and gynaecologist I found out what really goes on ‘down there’. The knowledge helped me understand how to keep myself healthy and today I want all women to share that knowledge.

Women now talk more openly, but there are still taboos around the menopause, fertility, HRT, and conditions such as breast and ovarian cancer. Too many women still do not have the essential knowledge needed to keep themselves healthy.

This Autumn events will bring women’s health to the fore and make it easier for women to get the information they need.

National Fertility Awareness Week (November 2-8) will provide advice, support and understanding to the one in six couples struggling to become parents (see www.infertilitynetworkuk.com)

After over a decade of confusion and controversy about menopause, and in particular, concern about risks of HRT, November brings new NICE guidelines about the Diagnosis and Management of the Menopause, which are expected to raise awareness of the importance of the menopause and consequences of estrogen deficiency, as well as dispel many myths around treatment options so that women can make truly informed decisions about the management of their menopause.

It’s time to stop whispering. Speak up about women’s health, ask questions and bring the issues into the open so all women benefit.