“Vulvo-vaginal atrophy (VA) is experienced by about 50 per cent of post-menopausal women,” explains Dr Suren Naidoo, a GP and specialist in the MonaLisa Touch (MLT) laser treatment for Vulvo-vaginal atrophy, which is now available in the UK. “It can occur as a consequence of natural or induced menopause, or treatments such as chemotherapy for breast cancer. The vagina becomes narrower and drier as it loses its natural mucus production, and sexual intercourse can become difficult or painful as a result.


Misprescribed antibiotics


“Furthermore, loss of acids in the vagina can reduce protection against urinary tract infections, which cause itching, burning, and urgency. Because many GPs don’t realise that this is due to VA, they might prescribe antibiotics, which have their own side effects and don’t address the VA.”

These urogenital complications can have a serious impact on a woman’s life, Naidoo says.


How laser treatment works


The MLT laser treatment works by stimulating the vaginal lining to help restore mucus production, both eliminating symptoms of urinary incontinence, and easing sexual intercourse.

“The MLT is a straightforward and quick procedure, rather like having a smear test,” says Naidoo. “After examination of the patient’s history and vaginal acidity level, the procedure itself involves the patient lying back on a couch while the probe is inserted – there may be a little discomfort during those seconds, but then she will only feel a slight, painless vibration. It takes about five minutes to complete.”

The patient returns six weeks later for a further follow-up consultation and a repeat of the probe procedure, and then there is a final review six weeks after that to complete the treatment. Currently only available privately at Naidoo’s Harley Street clinic and a few others, the treatment costs around £3,000.


Progress in the UK


“The MLT treatment is very popular in the USA and in Italy, where it originated and where I trained in it,” says Naidoo. “In the UK we’ve had extremely good results. As well as women in menopause, we get younger women referred from Oncology – they can safely have this procedure after cancer treatment.

“I am passionate about getting the word out about MLT. Many ladies are suffering in silence – they have no idea that there is a life-changing treatment available.”


About the source: Dr Naidoo

Dr Naidoo has thirty three years experience in General Practice. He has been involved with teaching and examining medical students from University College London and is a GP Appraiser. Practicing medicine with a holistic approach, Dr Naidoo is prepared to listen to his patients, is caring and dedicated to achieve the best possible care. Dr Naidoo has been involved in Aesthetic Medicine since 2002 and has trained extensively on the use of lasers. He specialises in the Mona Lisa Touch for treating Vulvo Vaginal Atrophy. Dr Naidoo is a member of the British Medical Laser Association.

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