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Linda Lusardi Explains How She Coped With The Menopause

Question: How does a busy actress cope with the changes that come with the menopause? Answer: Linda Lusardi talks about how she was at first unbelieving and finally accepting of the changes that come with ‘the change’.

Linda Lusardi

The menopause caught actress Linda Lusardi unawares.

“I was doing panto in Northampton three years ago and kept getting really hot at night. I drove my husband Sam mad, complaining that the heating was turned up too high and the quilt was too thick. When he suggested I might be going through the change I was most offended.

“Like a lot of women I was in denial. How could I be going through the menopause? I didn’t feel old enough.” However, over the next few months it became clear that Linda, now 56, was going through ‘the change’.

Hot flushes were a particular problem. “A mad panic would come over me and I had to get my coat off,” says Linda. “If I was driving I would have to pull over, get out of the car and get as many clothes off as I could decently do. It felt like burning up from the inside.

Friends suggested herbal remedies and she tried many but none helped. “The next panto came around and I was having difficulty remembering my lines. I did not have my usual spark. When the season finished I went to the doctor and he prescribed HRT,” says Linda.

“It worked wonders – within about three months I was back to normal. I also take an Omega7 supplement that lubricates the joints and improves dry eyes, dry mouth, dry skin, and dryness that comes with the menopause. My skin and health has never been better, but nevertheless I found the only positive element of the menopause was no monthly periods.”

So what message would Linda pass on to other women?

“Some people sail through the menopause hardly noticing it, as my sister and my mother did. As for me, I tried not to let it disrupt my life, but it did,” she says.

“Women should do what is right for them. If symptoms stop you enjoying your life consider herbal remedies. My sister-in-law controlled her hot flushes with herbal remedies very successfully.

“There is no shame in going on HRT, though it is not for people with a history of breast cancer. My doctor suggested trying to give it a break after three years to see if the symptoms are still there, but so far I haven’t been brave enough to try!”

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