Stress is everywhere in the 21st century: emails, traffic jams, toxins, certain foods, annoying colleagues and even the wrong type of exercise. Whilst you can’t avoid stress what you can do is learn how to quietly and confidently manage it. And once you manage your stress you get control of your symptoms too.

Start by tracking your triggers. Indulge in your stationary habit and buy a beautiful journal or tap the information straight into your phone. You’ll find caffeine and alcohol can spark hot flushes, mood swings and energy bombs. Gradually reduce your consumption for relief from the worst of your symptoms.

Certain types of exercise make your menopause symptoms intensify. Cardio workouts increase your cortisol levels which makes sleep and weight loss really difficult. A mix of HIIT and restorative exercise are perfect for ladies of a certain vintage.

Avoid drinking water out of plastic water bottles. It’s not the water that’s the issue. In fact it’s extremely important to stay well hydrated. However, plastic bottles are full of xenoestrogens, a chemical substance that mimics natural oestrogen and disrupts your hormones so drink out of bottles marked BPA free.

Manage your night sweats with a shopping trip and buy your own duvet – separate duvets mean you’re not impacted by your partner’s body heat.

Next you time you sense a hot flush, menopausal rage or anxiety attack building simply breathe. Yes it really is that easy. Six deep belly breaths can switch off your stress response and switch on your parasympathetic nervous system which serves to slow your heart rate and helps you to power down.

Menopause is a complex condition but it doesn’t have to be complicated to manage. Track your triggers and adjust your lifestyle to cool down and calm down through your 40s, 50s and beyond.


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